5 Best Affordable Drones

Drones used to be reserved for the military, but not anymore. With advances in tech, you can now get a drone fairly inexpensively, while still getting a fully operational and fun device. Featuring HD cameras, you can capture amazing aerial photos and videos.

they’re not just toys either. People have seen how useful they can be and are now being used in some industries like sports, real estate, and security. But there are even more people who just enjoy the excitement of flying! Being able to live stream what the drone sees through a tablet or flight goggles is an experience unlike any other!

We have tested many different drones on the market to bring you this review. We know the holidays are coming up, and knowing what to get everyone can be a challenge. This list of 5 Best Drone Toys should give you a good idea of what’s out there. We picked drones that did well in our tests, had many positive reviews online, are affordable, and most importantly are fun and easy to fly.

After our testing, here is a list of 5 of our favorite, affordable drones.


Tenergy TDR Phoenix

Best Drone toy Gifts

The Tenergy TDR Phoenix is a great starting point for anyone who wants to gives drones a try. It combines a 6 axis gyroscope, one button stunt move, a modular battery, and auto hovering to make this drone a joy to fly for inexperienced pilots.

A 720p camera gives you the ability to take pictures or videos far above houses, and you can easily pull off exciting stunts mid air – not only is this drone stable, it’s fast.

Features worth mentioning:

• 720p Camera

• One button Stunt

• Auto Hovering

Holy Stone HS170

best drone helicopter with camera HS170

If you’re looking for a slightly more advanced drone, the Holy Stone F181C is the perfect balance between price and features. One notable feature is the 6 axis gyroscope stabilization. This allows every photo and video you take to have zero wobble, making this drone a favorite among photography enthusiasts.

The 6-axis gyro stabilization ensures that the copter remains steady in the air even when you fly it in windy weather. This feature enables the drone to make 360 degree turns, flips and other midair stunts.

It comes with an HD camera and is super stable in the air because of the gyroscope. It’s so good it even allows you to pull off crazy stunts! It also has a button that when pressed, brings the drone back to you, how cool is that?

Features worth mentioning:

· Return Home button

· 10 minutes of battery time

· 6 Axis Gyroscope Stabilization

Syma X5C

best drone helicopter with camera syma x5c


This aircraft comes with extra features that include 6-axis Gyro stabilization system and speed control. Just like the other models in this review, you can expect an HD camera and 2GB Micro SD card with your Syma X5C drone. Users have rated it highly mainly due to the stable flights and ability to flip backward, forwards, upwards and downwards during flights.

The Syma X5C is a further step above the Holy Stone HS170. It comes with the standard HD camera and 2GB microSD card, it also has a 6 axis gyroscope stabilization system so you can perform all the flips and rolls you want. the Syma X5C also comes with two 500mAh batteries, and a 2200mAh Power Bank, so you can fly for a much longer time than other drones.


Features worth mentioning:

· 6 axis Gyro stabilization

· Two 500mAh Li-Po Batteries

· 2200mAh Powerbank


best drone helicopter with camera force1 u818a

Every drone hobbyist deserves to experience virtual reality with their aircrafts once in a while. FPV is the most prominent highlight of the UDI U818A. Apart from the First Person View, this quadcopter packs a few other exciting features.

The UDI U818A has some unique features that set it apart from the other drones on this list. First, it has altitude hold mode, meaning you can just press a button and it will automatically hover in place. Next, it has something called “Headless Mode” meaning you can fly it in any direction very easily, regardless of where the drone’s head is facing. And finally, and probably the coolest of all, it has live video streaming mode. If you hook up flight goggles to it, you can feel like you’re flying with the drone!

Features worth mentioning:

· Altitude Hold mode

· Live video streaming

· Headless mode

UFO 3000

best drone helicopter with camera ufo 3000

You can have fun with this drone day and night, thanks to the LED feature on this drone. With other models, you can quickly lose your aircraft if you attempt to fly them in the dark. Then there is the fear of knocking into obstacles. The good news is here; with the UFO 300, your fun doesn’t have to stop when the sun sets. This piece of tech features ultra-bright LED lights that allow you even for photography at night.

Without lights on many models of drones, flying at night is either difficult or downright impossible without running the risk of losing it. with the UFO 3000 you don’t have to worry about that because it has rings of LEDs to light up the body. It comes with a pack of spare propellers in case you damage any, and you’re able to perform flips in midair with the push of a single button.

Features worth mentioning:

· Replacement Battery

· Spare Propellers

· Bright LEDs


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