Apple Fires iPhone X Engineer After Daughter’s Video Goes Viral

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Apple has apparently just fired one of their engineers after his daughter’s video showing the iPhone X up close went viral. Brooke Amelia Peterson uploaded her vlog a few days ago, which showed her visiting her father at the Apple campus and showing the unreleased iPhone X. The video was picked up and reposted on multiple sites over the internet, including spreading over facebook.

[perfectpullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Her father violated Apple company policy by allowing her to film inside the Apple campus[/perfectpullquote]

Peterson has released another video in which she claims her father was fired as a direct result of her vlog. She says her father violated Apple company policy by allowing her to film inside the Apple campus, and record footage of the unreleased iPhone X. Apple had requested that Peterson take the video down, but it seemed to not have been quick enough as the video had already spread to numerous outlets.

The video included a close up, hands-on look at the iPhone X, including an employee’s QR code. She also showed a notes app, which had codenames of Apple products that are also unreleased. Recording video on the Apple campus is not allowed, so showing the unreleased iPhone X definitely broke some rules.

This kind of thing isn’t unheard of, as we’ve seen in the past with a Microsoft employee being let go when his son posted photos of the unreleased Xbox 360. The Apple engineer that was fired was apparently working for Apple for four years, working on wireless circuitry.

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