Hisense Releases Alexa Compatible Air Conditioner and Dehumidifier

Smart Home gadgets and appliances have been getting more and more popular, especially as the tech and the functionalities behind them improve. You’ve got your Echo, your Wi-Fi (and Alexa) enabled outlet adapters, TV, coffee maker, lightbulbs, kitchen sinks, but not every part of your house is fully automated or voice controlled yet, right? That’s right, you’re missing an air conditioner. For those of us with central air, we mentioned the Nest smart home thermostat is the absolute best option in our Smart Home Gift Guide. But what if you just want a free standing AC or dehumidifier unit that you can control from anywhere with your phone or an Echo?

Hisense just released a new Alexa compatible, Wi-Fi connected Hisense air conditioner and Hisense dehumidifier. They’ve usually just been connected just through an app on an Android or iOS device, but now with these new releases, you can control every setting with your voice through an Echo or your Alexa account. Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t some amazing groundbreaking advancement. But what is amazing is the fact that this just shows how the “Internet of Things” is spreading. Someday soon, we’ll all be living in houses where you can control every electronic with your voice.



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Daniel is a Hong Kong transplant who spends his free time surrounded by his dogs and homemade robots. After working for a large energy company, he decided he wanted to write.

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