Meizu Pro 7 and Pro 7 Plus: The Gimmick You Should Buy


Meizu has released a phone that is unlike any other smartphone on the market right now by introducing “dual screen technology”. The Chinese manufacturer clearly created this phone to appeal to people who want something that nobody else has.

The phone comes in two styles, as is usual these days, with the Meizu Pro 7 and the Pro 7 Plus. Featuring a 2560×1440, 516ppi, beautiful AMOLED display, the resolution of this phone is better than some other flagships we’ve seen. But you aren’t reading this review for the boring old front, display are you?

Hands on with the Meizu Pro 7 plus Dual screen innovation with great functionality ZDNet

You’re interested in the secondary, 2 inch, 536×240 AMOLED on the back. That resolution doesn’t sound so great, but considering it’s only 2 inches wide, the screen beat our expectations. Having an always on display is nice for certain apps, which is what the screen is mainly for. Before the phone’s specs were released, people were worried the screen was going to be a battery drain – having such a large screen on all the time. But they were thinking the screen was going to be an LCD. Since it’s actually an AMOLED, the black parts of the screen don’t turn on at all since each individual pixel is either on or off. Unlike an LCD where the backlight is constantly on, constantly draining power. Not only can it show you the time and show you app updates, you can use it as a screen for taking a selfie using the dual rear camera set up.


The Pro 7 has the Helio P25 processor with 4GB of RAM, and the Pro 7 Plus has a crazy deca-core, tri-cluster Helio X30 with 6GB of RAM. Both phones are fast, but the Pro 7 Plus takes the cake. It’s really fast – the numerous cores and high RAM makes for an extremely snappy experience.

Both phones have dual 12MP cameras on the rear, and one 16MP front facing camera. They use a “four in one pixel algorithm”, activating automatically in low light conditions to give you the ability to take good, not grainy photos.

Final Thoughts

Is the dual screen a gimmick? Absolutely. Is it a great implementation of a second screen, and just an awesome addition? Definitely. If you disregard the second screen for a moment, all the other features of this phone make it a solid choice. And the processor pushes it just a little further up the list because of just how fast it really is.

8 Total Score
A Gimmick That You Should Actually Buy

Excellent performance, a beautiful display, ok cameras.

  • Second screen. Come on.
  • Great Display
  • Pro 7 Plus Version Extremely Fast
  • Cameras Could Be Better
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