OnePlus 5T beats iPhone X In Real World Speed Test

The iPhone X is a beautiful, fast phone. Apple marries hardware and software flawlessly to bring you devices that work well, are enjoyable to use, and compete with other smartphones on the market. Besides the edge to edge OLED display, the biggest, most noticeable improvement with the iPhone X is the A11 Bionic chip. In all the benchmarks, the Bionic Chip flexed it’s muscles and showed how quick it was.

But benchmarks aren’t everything.

One Plus 5T Speed Test Vs Apple iPhone X

Check out those differences. The iPhone X is clearly the winner, right? Wrong. The way in which benchmark tests are done are very different from the way you and I would use the phone. And this video proves it. Apple only has 3GB of RAM, and heading up against the OnePlus 5T’s 6 or 8GB of RAM and the Snapdragon 835 processor, the OnePlus 5T blows the iPhone X out of the water. The way the processor handles tasks, coupled with the high amount of RAM means there’s no waiting between opening and closing apps. Did we also mention that the OnePlus 5T is exactly half the price of the iPhone X at $499? Yes, really.

This is why real world examples are more important. When using my phone, I close an app, answer a message, and then reopen the other app. I’ll be on the internet, then I quickly open the camera to take a picture, then get back to the internet. I’m sure you do the same. The OnePlus 5T, and just about every flagship android this year will beat the iPhone X because of the simple fact that iOS 11 and the iPhone X’s smaller 3GB of RAM close out the app in the background, meaning that every time you close or open an app, it needs to start from zero. While on the OnePlus 5T or any other android, the app is just waiting for you in the background.

The moral of the story is to not blindly trust benchmarks as the final word on speed and performance.

Justin is the founder of Gadgeterrific and you'll usually find him shouting at a wall of computer monitors at three in the morning. He's a self taught full stack developer and a futures and foreign exchange trader.

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