Yamaha R-S202BL: An Amazing Entry Level Receiver

There are many ways you can build the perfect vinyl setup for your home, and it can be reduced to just one thing - how much you're willing to pay. You can opt for the lower end of the price ranges and attach self powered speakers to a turntable and a phono preamp. But cheaping out often leads to ...

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Bose QuietComfort 25: Best Noise Cancelling

Bose is one of those companies that you either love or hate, but one thing nobody can deny is their consistency. Their recent release of the QuietComfort 25 continues that trend. Improving upon the previous version, the QuietComfort 15, Bose has added some tweaks and key features. One such ...

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OnePlus 5T: Best Bargain

I just want to preface this review by saying the OnePlus 5T is not a "bargain" phone in the sense that it belongs in in bargain bin at your local dollar store. What I mean is that the OnePlus 5T is a more polished version of the OnePlus 5, packing a lot of high-end features into one phone, all for ...

This Selfie Drone Can Fit In Your Pocket

Selfie drones aren't anything new, but there aren't a whole lot of choices if you want a small sized drone that also has a high resolution camera. Enter the Hobbico C-Me. This little guy is pretty much the same size as any non "Plus" sized smartphones. The arms even fold in to make it actually the ...

Samsung Galaxy S8 Review

Design The Galaxy S8 is a beautiful phone. The Galaxy S7 Edge was so popular that Samsung brought us the wonderfully futuristic edge to edge, bezel-less display. And don't be worried about accidentally touching buttons while holding the phone, we haven't noticed that being an issue in all our ...

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