This Selfie Drone Can Fit In Your Pocket

Selfie drones aren’t anything new, but there aren’t a whole lot of choices if you want a small sized drone that also has a high resolution camera. Enter the Hobbico C-Me. This little guy is pretty much the same size as any non “Plus” sized smartphones. The arms even fold in to make it actually the size and shape of a smartphone that you can just slide in your pocket.

We had so much fun flying the Hobbico C-Me around. It has ten minutes of battery life and get this, an 8 megapixel camera with flash that is able to record 1080p full HD. That is miles ahead of any Chinese clone selfie drone you can find. Some other noteworthy, and purchase-worthy features are image stabilization, a timer, burst mode, and 360 degree panoramic video mode.

Hobbico is claiming the C-Me is very easy to fly. Controlling the drone through an app on your phone, you have options like one touch takeoff and landing. Using the “Find Me” setting, the camera will automatically locate you, and keep you centered, and enabling follow or circle mode can give you some amazing photos or video with the drone filming you while encircling you.

If the battery drops too low, or if your phone loses connection with the drone, it immediately and automatically return to you. That actually saved us when we were having a little too much fun testing it out and didn’t even realize we had been using it so long, the battery needed to be recharged. The portability, features, and camera quality make the Hobbico C-Me an excellent choice of selfie drone. Just don’t expect it to go racing for half an hour with FPV goggles, that’s not what this drone is for.

9 Total Score
Wonderfully Fun Selfie Drone

This drone is so fun to use, and has some amazing features. Just keep in mind that is is specifically a selfie drone, and not a large, full drone.

  • Folds away into your pocket
  • Follow/Circle/Find Me Mode for taking photos/videos of you
  • 1080p Camera
  • Spare Parts
  • The battery could last longer
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