Stephen Hawking’s 1966 Doctoral Thesis PDF Available Here

In case you haven’t heard, Stephen Hawking has made his “Properties of Expanding Universes” 1966 Doctoral Thesis available online. He wants the thesis to be public in the hope that it sparks people’s interest in space and science in general.

It’s being releases on the University of Cambridge’s website, but there have been so many requests, it’s impossible to get hold of the download. It actually crashed the University of Cambridge’s website.

I managed to nab it before Cambridge’s website went down, so I’m putting a copy of the thesis on this website for anyone to download. It’s pretty heavy reading, and has formulas that will look like an alien language to the uninitiated, but it’s worth it. Stephen Hawking is a living legend, and reading the thesis is a great way to get a peak into his mind.

Here is the PDF –Steven-Hawkings-Thesis-1966.

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