Storify Is Closing For Good And Deleting All Content

Storify has announced they are completely shutting down in May of 2018. For those of you that don’t know what Storify is, it’s a service that allowed users to make stories by aggregating posts from Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platform by compiling them into a single package. Not only are they shutting down in May of next year, as of today nobody can create new accounts.

Storify has been popular among journalists and other storytellers because it’s an easy way to embed social media posts in their content. It’s pretty similar to Twitter Moments. Existing users can are able to continue using Storify and can still create stories up until the service officially closes, but users are being told to export all posts and data because it will all be deleted.

If you’re looking for a replacement service, you can use Storify 2, which is available after purchasing a Livefyre license. Although it is worth noting that nowadays more and more blogging platforms are allowing users a direct method of embedding Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter posts, so it seems there is shrinking market of people who need a service such as Storify. Will you be switching?

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