T-Mobile Joins Alphabet’s Project Loon In Puerto Rico

The unfortunate state that Puerto Rico is currently in has seemingly been the perfect staging ground for big companies to show off their tech. One example is Tesla, aimed at bringing power to the island with massive solar and battery installations. Alphabet, Google’s parent company, started a campaign to bring internet back to Puerto Rico with Project Loon.  Working with AT&T, the project has been deploying a series of LTE balloons across the island.Now that T-Mobile has joined, their customers with LTE equipped phones can no access the internet.

The team behind Project Loon has said that since the project released its first balloon on October 20th, they have successfully delivered internet connection to tens of thousands of people. Now that T-Mobile has joined, that number is sure to rise. This is and extremely important development since restoring Puerto Rico’s infrastructure has been quoted at possibly taking several months.

Project Loon launched in 2013 and has since helped a number of natural disaster and rural areas around the world. Most recently, the project deployed the stratospheric balloons in Peru to reconnect people to the internet after a series of floods devastated the area.


Justin is the founder of Gadgeterrific and you'll usually find him shouting at a wall of computer monitors at three in the morning. He's a self taught full stack developer and a futures and foreign exchange trader.

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