You Need This $25 Accessory For Your Roku Or Fire TV

So Cable TV is on its way out. Cable subscribers are dropping by the millions every year as we get more and better tech allowing everyone to cut the cords. And it’s been amazing. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Kodi, Hulu – there are so many great options for watching all your favorite shows and movie. You’re right, maybe not Hulu. But you know what my one issue is? The remote. Everyone agrees that our remote selection is limited. But now there’s a solution. The Sideclick Universal Remote Attachment. This small, cheap device clicks on to the side of your remote and adds eight buttons for increased functionality. You can program the buttons to do anything you want – turn your TV on, open a program, pick a show, adjust the volume, and more, all without having to touch a second or third remote. It even allows you to keep your original device’s voice functionality. I honestly wish I had bought this earlier.


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Growing up in Shenzhen, China, Katherine used to spend time getting lost in the electronics market. Now at home in New York, she gets lost on the way to work. She writes buying guides and reviews, enjoying playing with gadgets just like when she was a kid.

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