Turbo Cool Your iPad With 4 Fan Case

Have you ever been using your iPad and thought to yourself, “Gee, my iPad could use some fans right about now.”? Then we have the product for you. X-naut has created the Active Cooling Mount, a case for your iPad that has not one, not two, but four cooling fans to stop the tablet from overheating.

Your iPad doesn’t overheat, you say? Well that makes sense, since this case was actually designed and created for drone operators and pilots who use their iPads for flight control, often in direct sunlight for hours. Now sticking four fans on the back of your iPad sounds a lot more reasonable, doesn’t it?

It’s powered either through micro-usb or eight AA batteries. They’re usually $199.99, but for Black Friday you can get one for $149.99.


Justin is the founder of Gadgeterrific and you'll usually find him shouting at a wall of computer monitors at three in the morning. He's a self taught full stack developer and a futures and foreign exchange trader.

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